Lake Day Use and Fishing will be closed 12/25/18
to allow our staff to observe the Holiday.
We will reopen at 9 AM on 12/26/18

(Half Price for Campers to Fish!)

Adult Fishing — $10.00

Children's Fishing (Age 5 and under)— $5.00

Please note:  The fish are catch and release only, unless otherwise specified by management upon your arrival.

Catfish   — Catch and Release Only!

Bluegill - Catch and Release Only!

Bass — Catch and Release Only!

** Pole Rentals available at the Camp Office**
Fishing discount available for active duty military and veterans.
We do not allow persons (Tent camping, RV-ing or Fishing) to be dropped off at our location, you must have a operational motor vehicle to transport you off our property in case of an emergency, no exceptions.

Due to recent safety issues, we have to implement our rules.  Please read the following to better prepare yourself for your next fishing trip with us:

*All minors must be supervised by an adult. *Fishing not allowed on or near the dock.*Absolutely no fishing/attempted fishing for Koi. *Fishing armbands must be worn and visible. *Coolers and bags are subject to inspection before, during and after fishing. *When you catch a fish, please be kind by allowing it to remain in the water for as long as possible (for breathing). *If you must take photos of a catch, only have the fish out of the water for a brief moment, not to exceed 10 seconds. *You will be responsible for payment of damaged or deceased fish or wildlife due to your negligence, and the animal will be confiscated. *Use of treble or Barbed hooks is prohibited. *When removing the hooks, use pliers or hook extractor or similar tools, to not damage the fish. *Use caution when overhead casting, know what & who is nearby. *In case of personal injury as a result of your negligence, you will be held responsible for any fees, insurance or medical. *This is a privately owned Campground and Fishing Lake, therefore we reserve the right to refuse or terminate service at any time.  We also can make, change or remove rules as required. *Anyone violating the Camp/Fishing rules and/or regulations will be asked to leave immediately without refund. *We reserve the right to educate or make comments to ensure safety of our clients and product.

10 year old Jack Riley Pheasant

10 year old Jack Riley Pheasant