The Joshua Tree lake and campground is truly an oasis in the desert. Nestled in among JT’s hub of art music and culture is a cool quiet gem. A comfy, RV and tent camp with a surprising amount of wildlife and beautiful mountain scenery. The proprietor’s are very kind, generous and easy going. The large infrastructure is manicured, and maintained religiously. There is a beautifully designed man made Duck and Koi pond that also hosts a fair amount of game fish. Fishing poles are available at the well stocked camp store. I have had the pleasure of staying here often enough that I’ve gotten to know the management. They are efficient as they are friendly, they are accommodating, informed and responsive to your needs. I feel safe in the camp, and know my gear/ vehicles are secure in my absence. I highly recommend this getaway for anyone looking for a secure, welcoming environment or for that last minute booking when the park is packed. Just minutes from live music, food art and libraries, this spacious and laid back spot is a hub for climbers, artists, campers...all those who wander. I can’t say enough good things about the management- they are very good at what they do, which is; make you feel right at home.
— Anthony R.
The owners are very hospitable. We got turned away at the National Park because camps were almost full but this place was open and amazing. Very inexpensive and included showers, bathrooms, and wifi.
— Teddy S.
Great place to camp out. I got lucky staying here.! The campground at Joshua Tree National Park were full and we where given the number to this location for over flow camping. So happy we checked it out. Water hook up, hot showers, clean bathrooms, beautiful place to see te stars at night. Plus it a safe and clean place to bring young children. Its out in the middle if nowhere but only i you go you will sure be happy to ventured out that way.
— Amy M.
I went to Joshua Tree Lake the last two weekends and loved it. I found this campground clean, well laid out, and simply delightful. I went initially for the Astronomy Star Party Sat. evening but ended up doing some art of the charming lake and trees. The country store is very handy!
There were people fishing and I felt like I was at a spa. It was quiet, peaceful, clean, well laid out and serene. I’ve had 2 knee replacements and it was easy and safe to walk around. Intelligent design went into this. I recommend Joshua Tree Lake Campground highly.
— Lynette W.
My boyfriend and I wanted to tent camp in Joshua Tree National Park but had heard that it was hard to get a campsite if you did not have a reservation. We did not even try and went straight to this campground to set ourselves up and drove into the park to tour it for two days. Plan on some driving because JTNP is huge and this campground is a little ways away from the entrances....Do yourself a favor and switch it up-enter in the west entrance then try the north entrance the next day so you can see the diverse landscape.

This campground was great! Showers, bathrooms and a dish washing station! It had everything we any campground you show up early to ensure you get the table and fire pit you need...we would have wasted time trying to wait for a spot within the park. Our visit was stress free and very enjoyable! We will definitely come back here! The people that work here are very nice and smart about your travels and know what you are getting into.
— Denise F.
Freundlicher Service. All hook-up RV-Plätze und das mitten in der Wüste.
— Rolf B.