Our rates have changed on June 1st, 2017.

Tent: $10.00 per person/ night
Children ages 2-12: $5.00 per person/ night
Friendly, leashed pets: $2.50/ pet/ night
All Tent Camping is on a first come, first served basis, reservations are not taken for tent camping. The office is open for check-ins at 9 AM.  Please do not arrive earlier than this time.

Walk-in Showers (non-campers)
Non-Camping Showers: $7.00/person/shower
Available from 9 AM- 11 AM & 2 PM - Sunset daily (except during Blackout Dates)

  •     Our tent camping is in large, open areas with little access to shade.  You are welcome to bring shade structures that are free standing (we do not permit anything to be attached to the small trees in the tent area due to damages caused).  Be sure to pack guide ropes to attach to the tent stakes you bring.  
  •     Checkout time is 11 AM.
  •     All guests and vehicles must register in the Camp Office, and must display correct campground vehicle and tent registration tags while on the premises.
  •     There is not electricity or water in the Tent areas.  We refer to the tent sites as primitive/undeveloped.
  •     We allow fires only in the fire barrels provided, which are available to the earliest arrivals (ABSOLUTELY NO GROUND FIRES PER COUNTY CODE).  We welcome you to bring your own fire pit.  It must remove the fire from the ground.  Disposal of ashes/coals into trash receptacles is not permitted.  Please dispose of them into existing fire barrels that are not being used in someones campsite.  
  •       We have a limited amount of tables, also available to the earliest arrivals and are limited to one (1) table and fire barrel  per group of people, both items must not be moved from their locations.
  • Maximum stay for tent campers is 4 days/Month.

We do not allow persons (Tent camping, RVing or Fishing) to be dropped off at our location. All campers must have an operational vehicle for emergency departures.

Sorry, there is no swimming in the fishing lake, and we do not have a swimming pool
Wi-Fi is provided by a separate company and charges a service fee for its use. 
We do not control the rates, speed or troubleshooting for the service.
For questions or support, contact Mojave Wi-Fi, regarding Mojo Hotspots via their website